Annual Show


9 am – 4 pm SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27, 2016
IBEW Hall, 370 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY

The Long Island Decoy Collectors Association will be introducing a new feature at its 2016 Annual Show.    The Show will continue to focus on antique decoys and other sporting collectibles, but the Contemporary Decoy Exhibition will provide a venue on Long Island for those decoys that will become the collectible antique decoys of the future.  Like the former U. S. National Decoy Show – which closed its doors in 1994 - this event will offer a showcase on Long Island for carvers who continue to practice this uniquely American art form.

The Exhibition will strive for simplicity - for both the carvers and for the viewing public.  Just 2 classes of decoys will be displayed on tables and judging will be done by the public.  There will be no tank-testing or professional judging.  Novice and professional carvers will compete together. 

The 2 classes will exhibit utilitarian and decorative decoys.  The former will join the Al McCormick Gunning Class of simpler, more durable decoys – true hunting decoys.  Al was "Mr. Decoy" for decades on Long Island and taught scores of gunners to make their own rigs.  The Shang Wheeler Heritage Class will show more elaborate and stylized decoys – with more detailed carving and painting from the most skilled and experienced hands.  Charles  "Shang" Wheeler was recognized for his exceptional craftsmanship and talents at the original National Decoy Show, here on Long Island, back in 1923.


For more information, please contact:

Craig Kessler     

Steve Sanford   

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