9 am – 4 pm SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018

IBEW Hall, 370 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY


Although a memorable nor’easter kept some carvers from making the trip to Long Island, we had a total of 50 nice birds in CDE this year – and, we had several “new” carvers.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions.

Club members Jim Hunt and Mary Meyer handled the mail-in birds.  Bill McKinley and Mary helped me register the entries and handle lots of other tasks throughout the day – thanks to all!

Finally, we want to express our appreciation for our panels of Judges:

Al McCormick Gunning Class Judges ~ Dick Richardson, Ben Sohm and George Combs III

Shang Wheeler Heritage Class Judges ~ Tom Stewart, Peter Palumbo and Andy Kazanecki.



Al McCormick Gunning Class Black Duck by Mike Braden, Tom’s River, NJ


Al McCormick Gunning Class Broadbill


Al McCormick Gunning Class Whistler by Joe Daly of Franklin Square, NY


Al McCormick Gunning Class Shelldrake


Al McCormick Gunning Class Brant



Shang Wheeler Heritage Class Puddlers


Shang Wheeler Heritage Class Divers

Shang Wheeler Heritage Class Oldsquaw by Robin Oliver of Manahawkin, NJ


Shang Wheeler Class Black Scoter by Heck Rice of Hanover, VA


Shang Wheeler Heritage Class Canada Goose by Robin Oliver of Manahawkin, NJ


BRANT for 2019


We look forward to seeing even more carvers and their work next winter.  The 2019 Annual Show will feature Atlantic Brant – the history, biology and gunning of this graceful Arctic goose.  In addition to many antique decoys, we will also feature contemporary Brant stool.  So, if you carve Brant, please plan to join us.

All the best,

Steve Sanford





As an aid to determining the Class and “type” of decoys that “fit” – here are some examples from the 2016 Exhibition:

Shang Wheeler Heritage Class will show the more elaborate and stylized decoys. These decoysnot super-detailed carvings with no practical use in the field, i.e., not “floating decoratives” – will have more careful carving and paint jobs possible only by skilled and experienced hands.  Postures can be unusual for decoys but must be floatable.  These decoys will honor the traditions of Elmer Crowell and the Ward Brothers, for example, but could also include replicas of true antique decoys.


Al McCormick Gunning Class will show the simpler, more durable decoys – typical gunning stool.  Al was “Mr. Decoy” for decades on Long Island and taught scores of gunners to make their own rigs – especially of Black Ducks, Broadbill and Brant.  So, these decoys – including bills, crests, wingtips or tails – should withstand rough handling.  Paint jobs should be readily duplicated with minimal instruction and consistent with the advice from Eugene Connett’s Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater:  “Remember that it is not the so much the appearance of the bird in the hand but the effect of a half-gunshot off that counts”.



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