Bob Liehr

The favorite three speaker  for September was Bob Liehr.  The first decoy Bob showed and talked about was actually a set of three mounted  wood flattie peeps.  Although the carver is unknown , they came from Southampton Long Island and were carved circa 1900. Bob said that they had once been owned by a judge.  He acquired them in 1995 when  he was given  a dusty box of shorebirds that had been sitting on a garage shelf for over 50 years.  Bob likes them because they have simple spattered paint with carved and painted eyes, and they all have original bills and shot in them.  Bob added that they display nicely on his and Donna’s decoy shelf.

The second decoy  Bob showed was a Redhead from Southaven New York and carved by Caleb Carman. The decoy , which is made from wood was carved about 1850. Bob acquired it when a former coworker  had 2 bushel bags of assorted decoys and gave it to Bob. This decoy was hunted over in Shinnecock Bay.  Bob likes it because very few redhead decoys found, are from a hunting rig and in this fine condition.

The third decoy Bob brought in was a Black Duck sleeper carved by Chief Eugene Cuffee of the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton New York. It’s a wooden decoy carved about 1905. Bob acquired this decoy  at a 2014 Guyette and Deeter  auction featuring the Connally collection.  This is a favorite of Bob’s because it is a rare sleeper black duck with detailed feather paint and it is in excellent condition.

Thank you Bob for bringing in some of your favorite decoys and sharing their local heritage with us.

Next up is Gordon Kelley and his favorite three decoys for the November meeting.


(Reminder, if you are scheduled to talk about your favorite three decoys but unable to attend the meeting,  please contact George Munkert or Kate Sohm so they can get a replacement for the meeting.)

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