Jim Cullen

The June favorite three speaker was Jim Cullen.  The first decoy he showed was an Obediah Verity peep from 1900’s. Jim said that he enjoys collecting peeps because he likes the species and that because they are small, he can display more in his home.  He added that since they are smaller he can take them with him when he goes to Florida.

The second decoy Jim showed was a Black Bellied Plover with a slightly turned head. It was carved by a member of the Verity family of Seaford between 1910 and 1920. He acquired this decoy at a Guyette auction. He had wanted to buy it several years earlier at a decoy show in Patchogue but Bob Gerard bought it first.  This is a favorite of Jim’s because of its very unusual form.

His third favorite decoy was a Brant by Wilbur R. Corwin of Bellport. It was carved between 1900 and 1920. Jim said that when he got the chance to acquire this decoy, he gladly drove to Salisbury Maryland to get it. He added that he will never trade this decoy and when he dies he’s taking it with him.

Thank you to Jim for sharing the stories of your three favorite decoys.

(Reminder: If you are scheduled to talk about your favorite three decoys but unable to attend the meeting, please contact George Munkert or Kate Sohm so they can get a replacement for the meeting.)

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