Ben Sohm

The March favorite three speaker was Ben Sohm. The first decoy Ben showed was a cork Broadbill. It was made circa 1900 by Seaford carver and commercial fisherman Ben Rhodes. Ben stated that his grandfather Frank Roach had worked for Ben Rhodes. Ben acquired the decoy in 1970 from fellow Seaford resident Harold Putallaz.
The second decoy he showed was a Black Duck carved by his grandfather Frank Roach of Seaford. It had a smoked cork body and to keep it together it was locust pegged. The decoy clearly shows the influence of Ben Rhodes, both in style and construction techniques which can be seen by the carved eyes. It was passed down through Ben’s family and is one of his most cherished possessions.
The third decoy Ben showed was a Brant that he said he was one of three who helped to make it back in 1962. The decoy was shaped by Massapequa bayman George “Pop” Combs and his son George Jr. and Ben helped to paint it. He said that in 1960 when the Brant season reopened, suddenly Brant stool began to be constructed again.
Thank you Ben for bringing in your favorite three decoys and sharing part of your family’s long history of decoy carving with us.

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