Dick La Fountain

fullsizerenderWe welcome back the favorite three decoy segment of our meeting with long time member and decoy collector Dick La Fountain. Dick began by saying the birds he brought with him to show may not have been his favorite, but since he has been selling some of his birds these are the “favorites” he still owns.

First up was a redhead drake from Bridgehampton. Dick bought it at a yard sale in 1984. It has a balsa body and pine head. He said he really couldn’t put into words why he likes it so much, there was just something about it.  He said he likes it so much he never wanted to part with it and that’s why he never offered it for sale.

His second favorite was a pair of broadbill. They were made of solid pine and carved by Ted Mulliken, owner of Sayville Wildfowler for Mr. Soper from Connecticut.  Because Mr. Soper only had one arm and loved to hunt, they were made to be self-unwrapping. He would throw them out and with their lead weights they would unwrap and then right themselves in the water. Dick appreciated their storied history and was fortunate to acquire them at auction. (Dick Richardson said that he knew of a one armed man by the named Soper, a good possibility that it was the same man for whom the decoy was made.)

His third favorite bird was a hollow cedar wood duck from the Point Pleasant Wildfowler. It was made in 1968 in the Barnegat Bay style. Dick saw it and thought it was a neat little bird so he purchased it.  He has owned it since 1972.

Thank you Dick for sharing a little bit of your collection with the members. (See photo of Dick and his decoys).  Next up is Gordon Fleming with his favorite three decoys for the November meeting. Thank you to Mary Meyer, for being the favorite three backup in the event Gordon cannot make the meeting.

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